Client Inquiries


Testing APpointments

If you or your child are prescribed medications for ADHD, please skip the dose the day before and day of your appointment. Please arrive on-time for your appointment. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you wait outside or in your car until your appointment time, even if you arrive early.  A mask may be required while in our office. 

You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to the evaluation. Parents of younger children are expected to remain within the building during the evaluation unless other arrangements are discussed ahead of time. Due to tests being standardized with specific instructions and testing protocols we must follow, parents are generally not able to be in the testing room, as this may invalidate testing results or your child’s performance. If your child or teenager is unwilling to participate in testing, we may need to reschedule your appointment. 

Testing can take anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours per visit, depending on the needs of the patient. We will advise you ahead of time as to how long your appointment time will last. 

Following completion of testing, we will schedule an appointment to review the results. This is typically two-to-three weeks later and can be 30-60 minutes in duration. It is up to you if you would like to have your child present at the feedback appointment; sensitive information such as IQ score and strengths/weaknesses will be discussed.  Feedback sessions are conducted via telehealth. 

It is very helpful to ask teachers and family members to complete forms regarding the child’s behavior; these measures are brief and can be completed online, so please be prepared to provide names and email addresses of those who are involved in your child’s education.

Please bring any relevant medical or academic records, as well as names and contact information for treatment providers.

If you or your child are sick, please cancel your appointment! We often work with medically fragile children and cannot risk their safety.


The first several sessions will be spent reviewing your history and goals for therapy. A detailed discussion of your early childhood, family life, relationships, and health is needed to fully understand how best to meet you needs and tailor treatment. Therapy is a commitment and works best when sessions are consistent and held weekly. Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and typically will be once a week unless otherwise agreed upon. There is no set agenda for each session; clients range from wanting to discuss what is on their mind in the moment, to having specific concerns addressed, to simply need a space to process the past week.

Insurance and Fees

Dr. Daniel is an in network provider for Blue Cross, BlueCross, Blue Shield, MHN, HealthNet, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Optum, Medicare, Tricare, and HNFS.  For other plans, she is considering out of network.  You may wish to call your insurance plan and discuss their process for payment of out-of-network providers. Fees for evaluations are consistent with those of other providers in the area who have similar education, training, and expertise. We are happy to provide you with a statement of services/superbill for insurance reimbursement or are willing to do this on your behalf.

We are not in network and cannot bill out of network benefits for Cal-Optima plans, Kaiser Permanente, or Medicaid.

No shows are billed for the full duration of their scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel a scheduled appointment 24 hours in advance (or by 3pm Friday, for Monday appointments) will also result in your being charged the full appointment fee.

Travel to/from school observations, IEP meetings, or other locations will be billed at the rate of $200/hour, including travel time.

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

Billing services are provided by Veronica Bush with Bulldog Billing: