If you or your child are prescribed medications for ADHD, please skip the dose the day before and day of your appointment. Please arrive on-time for your appointment. You will need to review and sign the consent forms for the evaluation and potentially complete additional forms as needed.

You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks to the evaluation. Parents are expected to remain within the building during the evaluation unless other arrangements are discussed ahead of time. The evaluation begins with a clinical interview with one of both parents or caregivers. This consists of reviewing his or her history, current symptoms or difficulties, goals of the assessment, family history, and any additional relevant information. After the interview, you will be asked to wait in the lobby while we begin testing. Testing can take 4-8 hours, sometimes more. Breaks are given frequently. Lunch is observed from 12:30-1:15, and the office is closed during that time. There are several restaurants and food options in the area.

Following completion of testing, we will schedule an appointment to review the results. This is typically two-to-three weeks later and can be 30-60 minutes in duration. It is up to you if you would like to have your child present at the feedback appointment; sensitive information such as IQ score and strengths/weaknesses will be discussed.

It is very helpful to ask teachers and family members to complete forms regarding the child’s behavior; these measures are brief and can be completed online, so please be prepared to provide names and email addresses of those who are involved in your child’s education.

Please bring any relevant medical or academic records, as well as names and contact information for treatment providers.

If your child is sick, please cancel your appointment! We often work with medically fragile children and cannot risk their safety.